Ayurveda — meaning the knowledge of life and longevity — is an ancient medical practice from the Indian subcontinent that originated over 5000 years ago. Instead of looking at the body as a carrier of disease, Ayurveda approaches the human body as part of nature.

Which is why, at Bodhi, we focus our care on delivering natural/herbal medicine and nutrition recommended in the practice of Ayurveda.

Not everyone is the same. Each person’s physical, mental, emotional and social health is unique. Drawing from evidence-based Ayurvedic practices, we help you build a health management plan that is tailored for you!

Why do you need Ayurveda?

The medical practice of Ayurveda is founded on the belief that humans are part of nature. And are governed by the same three fundamental energies that governs nature — wind (called vata), fire (pitta) and earth (kapha). Each individual is a unique combination of these three energies, the perfect balance of which represents good health. An imbalance in any of these energies is the reason for disease in the human body.

After a thorough in-consultation assessment, we will build a health management plan aimed at bringing the three energies to balance — through nutrition, herbal supplements and physical activity such as the practise of Yoga.

What does Ayurveda consultation include?

  • A thorough review of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health history.
  • In-consultation physical examination with traditional dosha and pulse assessment.
  • Nutritional plan ( dosha balancing) and herbal medication
  • Meditation advice

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