Nutrition plays an important role in our overall physical, mental and emotional wellness. Several traditional healthcare practices like Ayurveda believe that food itself is medicine.

Which is why, at Bodhi Integrative Health, we focus our care on empowering our patients with the knowledge and practice of healthy eating.

Healthy food does not mean the same thing to everyone. We help you build a unique and tailored nutrition and diet plan based on your metabolism, lifestyle, mental health and other behavioural factors.

Why do you need nutrition advice?

An unhealthy diet is an important factor contributing to the occurrence of chronic diseases around the world. Overweight, obesity, hyperglycemia (high blood glucose), hyperlipidemia (high fat), and excess sodium/salt intake are all found to contribute to chronic diseases. Yet, nutrition is a field where myths and passing generalisations exist widely. Fad diets, internet experts and the culture of super-foods have led people across the globe to adopt food habits that may not be right for them.

With a thorough understanding of every patient’s physical, mental and emotional health, we devise a nutrition plan that brings together evidence-based healthcare practices, Ayurveda and herbal medicine. This plan will be just right for you, actionable and impactful too.

What does nutrition advice include?

After a comprehensive consultation, Dr. Aiyer will make recommendations that are
tailored for you. This may include some or all of these:

  • Diet plan
  • Elimination diet, cardiometabolic or anti-inflammatory diet plan
  • Address food sensitivities & food allergies
  • Food triggers and associated disorders
  • Ayurvedic Dosha balancing diet plan
  • Herbal and dietary supplements

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