Reiki, a decades-old alternative medical practice from Japan, delivers healing of physical, emotional and mental concerns, channeling the patient’s own life force energy.

Which is why, at Bodhi, we focus our care on empowering our patients to recognize their life force energy and channel it positively.

Everyone’s life force energizes them, nourishing their organs and cells and supporting their vital functions. By tapping your energy field, charging them with positive energy and re-routing them through your body, we will help you heal blockers to your well-being.

Why do you need Reiki?

The medical practice of Reiki is founded on the belief that everyone of us has a life force flowing through them that governs our body, mind and soul. This life force is responsive to our thoughts and feelings, which can be negative or positive. When negative thoughts and feelings affect our life force, its energy gets disrupted, causing disease.

After a thorough assessment, we will build a Reiki plan customized to the needs of your energy force.

What does Reiki healing include?

A thorough review of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health history

  • Healing goals
  • Treatment to transfer Reiki energy flow from the master to the patient.

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